By Bob Jamison

          Two hundred years ago, Anglos relied on the Gazettes (news papers) to inform the public of every thing from birth announcements to who shot whom. All the while, the fearsome tribes of dangerous Native American Indians used drums and smoke signals. Of course, there was no radio or television and the only other source might have been the spit-and-whittle benches in front of the court house.

          The following are but a few of those notices that likely caught considerable attention in those days and surely elevated the conversation at the evening dinner or vespers. Though the notices are factual, a few minor details have been changed. However, sentence structure and grammar are as they appeared. Also, slavery knew no boundaries as far as race or color. Most were Africans but also there were Chinese, Spanish and even orphans, unfortunately for all. However, don’t forget the Anglo passage of INDUNTURED SERVITUDE, a nice phrase to say “You work for me for the price I paid to bring you here”. It wasn’t unusual for that to be seven years.

          COLLECTOR’S (TAX) SALE: Will be sold on Friday the 25th of July next….at the Court House in the county of Wilky, the following property, or as much therefore as will satisfy the taxes due for the year of l805, together with the cost—viz:
          One house and lot in the town of Washer, known in the plan of said town by number 20 adjoining Stephen Mint, at present occupied by Louis Picque, returned by Russell Short, and taken to satisfy his taxes for the year or l805—due $27.05.
          Conditions cash. John Darriot, Tax Collector Wilky Co., l806.

          RETRACTION: Last week we announced the marriage of Mr. Curlew and Miss McLoud, from common report, the only means of information we generally expect on such occasions, but we are since informed it was a mistake, and that we have given offence by the publication…we shall in the future publish no marriage or death, unless particularly communicated, and a written request to have it published.

          COLLECTOR’S (TAX) SALE: Will be sold, on Friday 25th day of July next … at the Court House in the county of Wilky, the following property..;. 50 acres of land, 2nd quality, lying in the county of Wilky, on the waters of Kettle creek, adjoining Likes, to whom granted unknown; returned by Richard Lang, taken as his property, to satisfy his taxes for the year of l805…due .6l cents.

          RANAWAY from the subscriber, on the 8th instant, a slave named Jack, about 25 years old, small and very dark; his right knee is crooked, stiff, and less than the other, his right arm is likewise cooked, and stiff in the elbow joint’ he speaks very broken language for being a country born here. I expect he will make towards Charleston, in South Carolina as he was raised there.

          BY A GENTELEMAN who passed through the Cherokee nation a few days ago, we are informed that a very extradornary duel was fought there on the l6th instant between James Vance and his brother in law, John Falls (Indian half breed) in consequence of a former misunderstanding. Vance sent for his brother in law, John Falls to meet him at an appointed place, about half way between their own houses, for the purpose of giving him satisfaction. They accordingly met, with their seconds, all armed with muskets and pistols. When they approached in sight of each other, they galloped up, so near that their horse’s heads were touching, when they fired nearly at the same instant. The contents of Vance’ musket, which was entered the breast of Falls, and he fell dead from his horse;’ and was left on the ground until the next morning. Vance’s coat sleeve was burnt with the powder of Fall’s musket.

          YESTERDAY, Polly Barcaid was executed, as an accessory in the murder of her husband.

          HORRID MURDER by Indians: On the night of the 3rd of February last, arrived in this place in a deplorable condition, Mrs. Mary Jones, who in January last was carried away captive by the Indians said: “On the night of 22nd January, l807, we were suddenly awakened from slumber by the hideous yells of savages, who before we could put ourselves in a simulation to oppose, succeeded in forcing the doors of the house. They were in the number of 40 or 50, frightfully painted, & armed with tomahawks and scalping knives… the story followed is how they killed her husband and their six children.  

          TEN DOLLARS REWARD.  Overstayed his pass, which was given on Saturday, Oct. 3lst. To pass and repasts from here to Thomas Taber in Wilky County, a slave named Jerry, about 5’6”, light colored, inclined to preach. Was hired by the said Thomas Taber 2 years past. Any persons delivering said slave (dead or alive) to me shall receive the above reward.

          DUEL: We are just informed that about ten days ago, a duel was fought at l5 yards. Both the same instant were shot through the body. The aim was deliberate as deadly. The wounds were not 2 inches apart.

          DIED: A few days ago, of the dropsy, Daniel Pierce, Esq. of this county on the 22nd Mr. Michael Dougs, aged l20 years; and singular as it may appear, for the last forty years, he has had but one fit of sickness.