By Bob Jamison

          About a century ago, the newspaper in Dayton was known  as The Daytonite. Recently, in the archives (or best described as “behind and old file”) of the former Dayton State Bank, a copy of that well read paper was found.  Bank President Terri Beene entrusted me with the delicate and brittle copy for parts to pass on to our readers. We found it most amusing. This column is in the categories of local news and ads that seem hilarious today.

                                      News Locally
          Nic Jackson traveled all the way from Tarkington on business Friday.
          The Priscilla Club Banquet: Dayton Priscilla Club, a club of ladies founded their organization on the story of Miles Standish. The banquet board at the Methodist parsonage fairly groaned under the burden of good things to eat. Husbands were invited. Mrs. J. F. Matthews was awarded first place prize for a land scene.
          Huntsville: William Jennings Bryan (the silver tongue orator) helped rededicate the burial site of General Sam Houston.
          Mrs. J. B. Perkins was in Liberty Saturday.
          Miss Minnie Perkins has been quite ill for ten days, but is reported some better now.
          Wilfred Morris, the little son of Mr. & Mrs. D. T. Morris fell off the porch at their home last Thursday and broke his arm.
          John Anderson of Moss Bluff passed through town last Thursday.
          If the present rains continue until Election Day, there will not be a single vote against the good roads bond here May 23.
          Dr. A. R, Shearer of Mont Belvieu was here several hours on Monday.
          Picnic at Day Lake-On the beautiful wooded banks of the placid waters of Day Lake, just two miles south of Dayton a party celebrating the holiday of April 2lst was enjoyed by all. Guest included Mr. and Mrs. B. G Sterling, C. H. Deabler, Will T. Jamison (who?), Bryan O. Sterling, and James B. Sterling The weather was beautiful and all reported one of the best outings ever.

                             Classified Ads in The Daytonite
          HARDWARE: H for harness, bridles, and pads. If they bust I sell copper brads. A- for Avery all purpose plows. R -stands for roofing. D- for double trees, single trees & poles. W- for wire (barb, chicken and hog). A-for fertilizer? They grow while you sleep. R-Reliable prices. E-for evening which is mosquito delight. Screen doors & windows. Dayton Mercantile.
          Money Back—If Dodson’s Liver-Tone does not take the place of calomel. It livens the liver without the evil after effects.
          Dr. J. F. Barton Dentist at Dayton Mercantile bldg.
          City Bakery- Frank Setek bakes breads, pies & cakes.
          Kahn’s private stock whiskey at Jone’s saloon.
          Buff chicken eggs for incubation. 15 @ $1. W. A. Sweeney, Stilson, Texas.
          Constipation vanishes forever. Carter’s Little Liver pills never fail and gentle on the liver. Cures indigestion, improves complexion and brightens the eyes.
          Take CARDUI.: When she began treatment of woman troubles she was sickly and weighted 135 lbs. but she now weighs 182 lbs. after taking Cardui!
          Citizen tortured by pair. He came to the store with corns, bunions, callouses and blisters caused by pair of bad shoes. A natural shape Florsheim shoe properly fitted enabled him to walk out in perfect comfort. $5 some $6. Dayton Mercantile.
          B. E. Smith—Veternarian and Dentist