By Bob Jamison

          Keeping a bowl of unpeeled onions nearby will help to prevent flu and onions sliced in half besides a flu patient’s bed absorbs virus and shortens the misery of flu symptoms, some say. Furthermore, it has been reported that raw sliced onion rubbed on a balding spot of the scalp until red followed by an application of honey will control baldness; attracts flies too.

          CAUTION: This article is only for entertainment of the reader but it still interest some. Any application of these remedies is totally subject to your own judgment or medical opinion. No cure is implied. The reader must consider much of the source is folklore and some might even be superstition.

          Armpit sweating: Some people have problems with wet armpits that often cause offensive odor. A quick remedy for this is rubbing alum in the armpit. Another is slicing a lime in half and rubbing each half under each arm and forget about using the remainder in your martini.

          Insect bites: When an insect bites it is not unusual for the area to become itchy and some swelling. Take a bottle of roll on deodorant and rub on the sting area. Aluminum in the application of deodorant could ease the discomfort almost immediately. Inside of banana peel does the same.

          Reported facts indicate that bananas cure almost everything from in-growing toe nails to a broken heart. But the major claim is bananas can reduce blood pressure and lessen anxiety. Too, they can relieve indigestion while calming the jitters. You can shine your shoes with the inside of the peel too.

          Garden bugs: Many gardeners of vegetables are getting started for spring planting. Two reasons seem to prevail: Quality food and taste of fresh vegetables and complete knowledge of the use of bug and disease control that could be harmful. Much of this concern (and rightfully so) comes from products and produce that is imported from other countries. Also some produce raised right here in this country as well.  In the event you have an infestation of insects and you don’t feel good about powerful poison and its effect on humans, try this: If you object to picking them off by hand and squeezing them to death, there is another way. The household vacuum cleaner works. It doesn’t harm the plants or you either.

          Motion sickness: There are many medical remedies offered and some work (sometimes). However, one of the oldest remedies is ginger root. Slice a thin piece of raw ginger root and place it between your jaw teeth and cheek. If you feel a little woozy from the motion, take it between your teeth and bite for a little ginger juice. Chinese often serve ginger to help symptoms of over eating also.

          Foot blisters: Marathon hikers or the like sometimes suffer from feet that become so blistered from improper shoes or socks that their feet take on the resemblance of bubble wrap. Household duct tape might help prevent blisters or protect the area of soreness. Use the type tape that is soft and without the heavy strings in the tape. Place the tape over the area you might expect to have a blister. Or if you have an irritation already, take a piece of duct tape greater that the size of the area and stick it to a larger piece (sticky part to sticky part). Then tape the un-sticky side over the sore area. Again, as in all others, allergies and sterile qualities of products are to be considered wisely.

                    Placebos: These are what some call “sugar pills” that contain no medicine at all; maybe not even sugar. It might be mind over matter but about 50% of blind test of patients were helped by placebos maybe because they believed in it and in their doctor or they were going to get well anyway.