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Bob Jamison's Book

Tall campfire tales by J.R. 'Bob' Jamison

Airplanes, Alligators
& Hi-Fin Blues

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Book Review:     
Texas Fish & Game - 2007

is a genuine “B&R” (born and raised) Texan. While most of the outdoor adventures Bob writes about in his book, Airplanes, Alligators and Hi-Fin Blues, happened within Lone Star borders, some have taken him to more exotic places in the world. He is a pilot, retired banking executive, freelance writer, and former state chair and national trustee emeritus for Ducks Unlimited.

Through homespun humor, Bob's book carries us along on wild, flying-by-the-seat-of-your-pants outdoor adventure. He said the yarn about the “Bobbitt Tree” is a true account of a real yarn as told to him by a native on the Amazon River. It doesn't matter if it's true or not; you'll find yourself bobbing along with Bob as you sit around campfires and watch sparks flying high above the treetops. Today's scripted situation comedies can't hold a candle to the adventure tales Bob tells on himself and an assortment of outdoor pals.

While Bob shares the camaraderie of many campfire philosophers, and personal hunting and fishing experiences from a lifetime spent in Dayton, Liberty County, Texas, wife Linda is the true hunting and fishing buddy. She is his travel companion, aide when the computer needs re-booting, a gracious hostess, and illustrator. The drawings accompanying the stories are delightful, and being the gravy maker of the family, she selected many of the game, fish, and other recipes that enhance each chapter.